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Wiz Khalifa Apologizes for Viral Outburst About ‘Horrible’ DJs

Wiz Khalifa Sits with Envy & Drama … Apologizes for Nightclub DJs Rant

8/5/2022 7: 39 AM PT

Wiz Khalifa‘s finally breaking his silence about his angry tirade toward a couple of L.A.-based DJs in the nightclub … and he’s admitting he was outta line.

Throughout a special edition Breakfast Club interview on Friday, DJ Envy took it upon himself to interview Wiz alongside DJ Drama to rep for all your turntablists worldwide and also require been bothered at the sight of the star rapper trashing their backup support.

For his part, Wiz didnt hide behind his celebrity, admitting he wasnt too large to state he was sorry.

I am sorry to anybody Ive offended sincerely, the Taylor Gang CEO thought to start the interview, before explaining what transpired, from his POV.

In accordance with Wiz, he was booked at club Poppy in WeHo to market his new album, Multiverse, however when it came for his time on the mic, the song order — which his team sent beforehand — was outta wack. Also, other songs not contained in the setlist randomly popped up through the performance.

Looking forward to your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Wiz admits that’s when he lost his cool — however in the aftermath, he’s taken plenty of heat from the tight-knit DJ community, perhaps especially from Kid Capri who actually had a submit staging the Breakfast Club summit.

Envy says Capri called him requesting Dramas number and soon after, the interview was set.

Wiz says he reached out to the DJ, Mikey Danger, multiple times we’ve aswell.

It appears like everyone just had a negative day. Back again to the “Multiverse!”

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