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Wiz Khalifa Show Stopped Because of Crowd Panic, 3 Injured

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Wiz Khalifa ended a Friday night show in Indiana early because the crowd panicked, with three people ultimately being taken up to a healthcare facility with minor injuries. Per the Indianapolis Star, a disturbance caused some audience members to shout in regards to a possible shooting and commence running from the Ruoff Music Center, that is a patio venue. Police later said in a statement that no weapons were found following a search of the region. Based on the statement, all exits were opened to permit guests to evacuate as security responded. Most of us ran out climbed fences, did anything to obtain out, recalled Indianapolis Star writer Rory Appleton. In accordance with his report, concert attendees most of them young made calls home and cried in the venues employee parking lot, while some continued running right into a nearby field.

The show was section of Khalifas co-headlining tour with Logic, and Khalifa was the final act of the night time. Rumors of gunfire started about 45 minutes into Khalifas set. As security responded, he and his band slice the music and left the stage. Concert promoter Live Nation, that is becoming plagued with lawsuits on the Astroworld tragedy, taken care of immediately the incident on Saturday by releasing a statement to The Hollywood Reporter thanking staff and local authorities for acting quickly to aid everyone in attendance.

Wiz Khalifa Show Stopped Because of Crowd Panic, 3 Injured

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