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Wizards of the Coast apologises for “offensive” “racial stereotypes” in Dungeons & Dragons

“D&D teaches that diversity is strength”.

Wizards of the Coast has apologised for a Dungeons & Dragons update that included “offensive material” and racial stereotypes in regards to a race called Hadozee.

The business said it had “failed you, our players and our fans”, would take away the offensive material “effective immediately”, and stated that it had been “truly sorry”.

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“We wished to acknowledge and own the inclusion of offensive material in your recent Spelljammer: Adventures in Space content. We failed you, our players and our fans, and we have been truly sorry,” the business said in a statement.

“The campaign carries a people called Hadozee which first appeared in 1982. Regrettably, not absolutely all portions of this content associated with the Hadozee were properly vetted before appearing inside our latest release. Once we continue steadily to learn and grow through every situation, we recognise that to call home our values, we need to do better.”

The statement adds that “through the entire 50-year history of Dungeons & Dragons, a few of the characters in the overall game have already been monstrous and evil, using descriptions which are painfully similar to how real-world groups have already been and continue being denigrated”. Consequently, it says it “understands the urgency of changing how exactly we work to raised ensure a far more inclusive game”.

“Effective immediately, we shall take away the offensive content about Hadozee inside our digital versions and these won’t be contained in future reprints of the book,” the statement continues. “Our priority would be to make things right whenever we make mistakes. Furthermore, weve initiated an intensive internal overview of the situation and can take the required actions because of that review.”

The apology ends with because of the D&D community, and a promise that it’s “focused on making D&D as welcome and inclusive as you possibly can”.

“We have been eternally grateful for the ongoing dialog with the D&D community, and we anticipate introducing new, engaging and inclusive content to D&D for generations ahead. D&D teaches that diversity is strength, for just a diverse band of adventurers can overcome the countless challenges a D&D story presents. For the reason that spirit, we have been focused on making D&D as welcome and inclusive as you possibly can. This section of our work won’t end”.

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