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Wolfies: Another generation of utility-packed NFTs is here now!

Wolfies by SolStreet can be an upcoming NFT collection on the Solana blockchain. The 5,555-piece collection includes a selection of perks, including front-row, utility-packed tickets to the protocol. is making asset management accessible, efficient, and decentralized.

Wolfies by SolStreet releases soon, with a big giveaway available.

What’s The Wolfies NFT Collection ABOUT?

The Wolfies are utility-based NFTs, giving holders front-row usage of the, a secured asset management protocol. The Wolfies distinctive aesthetic is because of their team of creative professionals. The collection has 14 traits, having an average of 13 cool features per trait. Incredibly, which means that there are around 135 trillion complete Wolfie combinations possible.

Particularly, holders will receive several fantastic benefits. Namely, staking your Wolfie NFT earns you SolStreets token, $STRT. Additionally, Wolfies will be the SolStreet communitys core focus. Next, users can unlock performance minting. In a nutshell, that is SolStreets 50M $STRT rewards program, where tokens are assigned to the managers and investors of high-performing funds. Finally, holders may also earn fee discounts on protocol trading fees.

Beyond this, Wolfies is really a team of 11 builders, with prominent VC backing and fantastic experience. Plus, they built the city making use of their previous work a long time before the launch of the NFTs. Today this is a live, usable product following their year of creating. Now, they will have their iterative, progressive and constant improvement beneath the belt. It is possible to find out more through the Wolfies litepaper on the SolStreet website.

Wolfies NFT comparison
Wolfies differs to numerous other NFT collections.

Wolfies Launch

The Wolfies NFT collection will launch on August 3rd at 4.20 PM (UTC). The mint price will undoubtedly be 2.7 SOL (114 USD). Solanas top marketplace, Magic Eden, will host the launch via their Launchpad system. To describe, the project find the Magic Eden path to get this to experience as seamless as you possibly can.

Whitelist Giveaway

Furthermore, the project is rewarding their early believers. The initial 2,000 visitors to ensure it is onto the whitelist will undoubtedly be in for the opportunity of winning a grand prize of 55.55 SOL (~2,300 USD). Then, one lucky winner will have the jackpot.

A preview of several the Wolfies NFTs.

What’s SolStreet

To clarify, SolStreet can be an asset management protocol focusing on the blockchain. In a nutshell, their goal would be to build an ideal asset management protocol for talented traders and fund managers and investors. The SolStreet team has vast degrees of experience and is backed by major VCs.

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