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Woman Suffers Extreme Reaction OUT OF THIS Hair Product, Causing Face To Swell AS AN Emoji

A Texas woman had a horrific reaction to a chemical within a beauty product she used earlier this season, and was left with her face swollen just like a balloon to emoji like proportions, she says.

Shanika McNeil, 29, noticed the reaction soon after coloring her hair back January, the Houston native told Kennedy News and Media.

I was laughing at myself because I did so look extremely funny, McNeil told Kennedy News of the cosmetic mishap.

McNeil Dyed Hair Sunday Prior WITHOUT Issues Before Rash Developed

She says she had dyed her hair the Sunday prior and had no issues, however the following day she woke up with a headache and begun to create a rash.

I dyed my hair myself on Sunday evening, also it was fine; I had no issues, the Houston native described. Then each morning, I woke up, and I had a headache it lasted all day long and probably around 3 p.m. I noticed I had this line around my forehead and a rash.

(Thanks to Kennedy News and Media)

McNeil was then suffering from a lot more symptoms, saying her scalp started burning enjoy it was burning and that she could tell my scalp was oozing.

My scalp started burning enjoy it was burning, and I used a napkin and may tell my scalp was oozing, she added, because the hours passed, I noticed my forehead was getting puffier.

She reported the outward symptoms to a health care provider, who informed her that she had an allergic attack to PPD, an ingredient found in the hair dye, the outlet reports.

Doctor Says Reaction Was DUE TO Sensitivity to PPD Chemical FOUND IN Hair Dye

Outward indications of this allergic attack can range between swelling and itching to anaphylactic shock and also death, in accordance with Healthline.

She was eventually prescribed antihistamines and steroids to greatly help with the swelling, successfully treating her pain.

While she thought she was finally in the clear, the outward symptoms reappeared after she got home from the doctors office.

(Thanks to Kennedy News and Media)

Every hour I viewed myself and my forehead was getting bigger and the swelling was worse, McNeil recalled of her unfortunate case of hyperinflation. It appeared as if I was an emoji, it had been very weird. My whole family was panicking because I looked so strange. Many people said I appeared as if I was in a fight.

She snapped pictures of the reaction, showing her face since it took on the proportions for the apathy emoji.

Took FOURTEEN DAYS, Two Rounds Of Antihistamines To Be Cured Of ALLERGIC ATTACK

Initially, McNeil thought her cartoonish visage was funny but quickly stopped laughing following the pain kicked (back) in, causing her eyes to be completely swollen shut so (she) couldnt see for a couple days.

Shanika said it took fourteen days and two rounds of antihistamines prior to the allergic attack settled, the outlet reports.

(Thanks to Kennedy News and Media)

Since it works out, the PPD she was allergic to is among the main ingredients used to create hair dye.

She was forced to utilize baby shampoo for weeks following the ordeal in order to avoid triggering another allergic attack, with the dye leaving her head with bald spots and eczema.

She added that her scalp is indeed sensitive given that it hurts to comb her hair.McNeil continued to state she hasnt used hair dye because the incident, and will not intend to achieve this again.

McNeils faced swelled to cartoonish proportions, causing her face to resemble an emoji (Photo by Jrg Carstensen/picture alliance via Getty Images)

I havent dyed my hair since and I dont have any intentions to do it, said McNeil.

Texas Woman Using Exposure From Experience To Warn Others About Prevalent Dye Sensitivity

Shes used the exposure from the knowledge to warn others about paying attention to this sort of dye sensitivity, and contains heard from countless more who’ve similarly suffered such reactions.

Many people in the comments said a similar thing happened in their mind theyd been utilizing a dye for a long time and had a reaction, she said. Ive told visitors to execute a patch test whenever they utilize it [dye] and when you’re sensitive to it, choose a dye that doesnt have PPD inside it.

Before you apply hair dye on your own head, please check if PPD (p-Phenylenediamine) is section of the ingredients

PPD is indeed powerful and toxic that it’s illegal to utilize it on your skin.

This lady had a a reaction to PPD also it caused her check out swell.

RT for awareness

Dr. Chinonso Egemba (@aproko_doctor) January 17, 2021

An instant Twitter seek out hair dye reactions shows the prevalence of such allergies, with a large number of other woman pictured with swollen and disfigured countenances due to PPD.

The precise brand that caused McNeils reaction had not been immediately known.

An identical incident occurred to a female in the united kingdom after she was temporarily blinded and had her face triple in proportions from swelling following a bad a reaction to hair dye containing PPD, based on the NY Post.

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