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Woman Telling Friend to help keep Necklace Her Husband Gave to Her Sparks Debate

Debate sparked on the web following a woman informed her friend she will keep the necklace her husband gave to her.

Published on Reddit‘s r/AmITheAhole forum, a female beneath the username u/pluto902 shared her story to be able to receive feedback from the “AITA” community. The viral post has over 6,000 upvotes and 2,000 comments.

“My pal didn’t have a necklace to opt for her dress therefore i offered her among mine,” the OP began, “She kept telling me just how much she loved the necklace therefore i informed her she can keep it when i never use it anyway. I gave her the necklace 4 months ago but she recently wore it to some other party and my sister-in-law mentioned how I had a necklace that looked the same as that. My pal informed her that I had trained with to her and my sister-in-law made a comment about how exactly that has been nice of me.”

Woman giving away necklace to friend
Above, a female wears a necklace. Published to Reddit’s r/AmITheAhole forum, a female who gave her friend a necklace that her husband gave to her sparks debate online. nicoletaionescu/iStock / Getty Images Plus

She thought she heard the finish of it, but her sister-in-law finished up telling the OP’s husband about any of it. He “demanded” that she gets the necklace back and when she didn’t inside a week, he’d take the problem into their own hands and obtain it back himself. She argued that she didn’t know very well what the big deal was and doesn’t realize why folks are mad at her.

In the comments, the OP confirmed that it’s no heirloom, it had been something special from her husband and she didn’t understand how much it cost him.

Newsweek reached out to u/pluto902 for comment.

Gift-giving etiquette

Perhaps you have struggled using what to provide to someone as something special? In accordance with, here are a few etiquette rules on gift-giving:

  • When obtaining a gift for someone, don’t ensure it is about you.
  • Consider that person’s interests and hobbies since it could help figure out an ideal gift.
  • Obtain the person something special they can consume including chocolate or perhaps a bottle of these favorite sort of wine.
  • Stay away from “self-improvement” gifts including “how-to” and diet books.
  • Rather than a physical gift at hand them, treat them to a coffee or out to lunch.
  • When giving something special to someone, don’t expect anything in exchange.
  • Stay affordable when gift shopping.

Newsweek has published several articles regarding conflicts in a relationship including what sort of woman was urged to leave her relationship after she will pay for every meal, the way the internet supports a woman’s relationship with her brother’s ex and a guy who was simply slammed for taking his partner’s charge card rather than giving it back.

Redditor response

U/TheAshenDemon4 wrote, receiving the very best comment of over 12,000 upvotes, “[You’re the ahole], even though you say this is not just a family heirloom it had been clearly something precious to HIM, he gave for you, and probably pretty expensive, and handing it off to your friend without at the very least giving him an advance notice beforehand (four months and it’s really clear you’d zero intention of telling him because your friend did) was insensitive.

“You’re within your to give it away, I’ll admit that, but it is not cool to provide away your partner’s gifts that likely had plenty of effort and meaning on his end without so much as saying anything,” the commenter continued.

“[You’re the ahole]. I’d also be upset easily saw someone wearing the necklace I gave for you. It is a big insult to the gift giver. This means you don’t appreciate their gift. You could’ve just bought something similar for the friend,” u/Momo-kkun exclaimed.

U/Vast-Perspective-236 commented, “[Not the ahole]. If he gives her jewelry frequently, it wasn’t family connected, it wasn’t a celebration of a significant event, and she clearly doesn’t use it often.. what, are they upset it is not in her jewelry box anymore? What Let me know is why is this necklace so distinctive. Secondary compared to that, is he being wasteful along with his money on frequent gift giving? Surely if she doesn’t benefit from the frequent jewelry gifts, enough time and money and effort being channelled this way could be redirected to things she appreciates more?”

“[Not the ahole]. Providing you an ultimatum about how exactly long you need to obtain the necklace back before he does something about any of it himself is really a huge red flag for me personally. This will not appear to be it’s in regards to a gift, or your husband was hurt about you giving it away. This appears like a control issue. It’s more vital that you him to obtain a little bit of jewelry back than to learn why you didn’t value it in the first place. He doesn’t value the repercussions of taking it back from the friend. He doesn’t appear to be he offers you jewelry foryou at all,” u/ToadseyeGem described.

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