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Would Taylor Lorenz be treated exactly the same way if she were a guy? This ‘archival essay-documentary’ checks it

OK, this editor apologizes for writing another Taylor Lorenz post. We’d one Sunday and two already today, but that is too funny to avoid. While Lorenz was complaining on TikTok in regards to a certain class of media reporters who expose just what a hack she actually is, an outfit called Progressive Pictures was piecing together a film called Double Standard: A Taylor Lorenz Story, directed by Charlotte Curry. Apparently, Curry checks the question if Lorenz will be (mis)treated exactly the same way were she a guy, and also other burning questions. Honestly, watch this:

Taylor Lorenz has been made a target of exactly the same bullying and harassment she sought to report on. Would she be treated exactly the same way if she were a guy? Charlotte Curry’s archival essay-documentary, DOUBLE STANDARD, is really a foray in to the rabbit hole of the days we’re in.

Progressive Pictures (@ProgressivePics) September 2, 2022

This just needs to be her alt account , right ?

J (@mrliquorclerk) September 4, 2022

She actually is the bully.

Pike (@SandorPike) September 5, 2022

Q: Would she be treated exactly the same way if she were a guy?

A: No, needless to say not. A guy would not experienced an archival essay-documentary made about his bullying and harrassment to get his reporting on bullying and harrassment without calling him out as a hypocrite.

Chapter Lurid (@ChapterLurid) September 4, 2022

Her situation may be the consequence of her choices.

Lee (@TrellyCee) September 4, 2022

Elderly abuse ought to be a crime.

James Klann (@jdklann) September 4, 2022

She looks very good for a 49-year old

Biz Malarkey (@biz_malarkey) September 4, 2022

Stop picking on little old ladies

Haze (@cremdelacrem44) September 4, 2022

No she wouldn’t be treated exactly like a man, she’d find out to tough up and switch off her computer.

Drymanjohn (@notmoistjohn) September 4, 2022

Taylor Lorenz is this type of paragon of journalism and integrity that she got fired from NY Times for defamation, and demoted at Washington Post for bullying her teammates.

Jerk (@TooLateJerk) September 4, 2022

So she gets a pass because shes a woman?

Dwigt (@LEO_CO95) September 4, 2022

A significant hill to die on.

Duckhook (@hooked4iron) September 5, 2022

“Boomer zombie expresses shock, horror after alleged victims bite back, story at 11”

Hotep Dad Max (@HotepDadMax) September 4, 2022

If she was exactly the same person in your body, yes, she’d be treated exactly the same. She actually is incredibly annoying, condescending, and a set out liar. There are many men that understand this treatment too, and its own because they’re bad people.

Rioan (@tamoeishere) September 4, 2022

Would she be treated exactly the same way if she werent a horrible person?

Rob Huck (@BumfOnline) September 4, 2022

This woman is not any victim. She actively harassed and sought to vilify people she didn’t like and cried foul when she got a taste of her very own medicine. A guy wouldn’t get special treatment or consideration, why should she?

Steven Lear (@sglear) September 5, 2022

She’s awful. No race, gender or identity changes that. Full stop.

Mike Winmill (@mikewinmill) September 4, 2022

She’d be treated far worse if she was a guy.

Vorenus (@o____principe) September 4, 2022

no she’d not

Progressive Pictures (@ProgressivePics) September 4, 2022

Were sure well be convinced when Progressive Pictures releases this documentary.


Crazy pot, MEET KETTLE: Taylor Lorenz includes a beef with a particular class of media reporters who report on the horrible crap she says and LOL (watch)

Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) September 5, 2022

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