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WWE NXT 2.0 Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from September 13

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    Pretty Deadly unified the NXT tag titles at Worlds Collide to become among only two teams to carry both championships. Credit:

    It’s been twelve months since WWE NXT 2.0 arrived, bringing the developmental completely new color and introducing fresh stars. This September 13 edition would celebrate that legacy while giving capacity to the fans.

    Carmelo Hayes was set to guard the NXT UNITED STATES Championship against a mystery opponent as voted by the fans. The three options were Wes Lee, Von Wagner and Joe Gacy.

    The Creed Brothers looked to regain the NXT Tag Team Championships from Pretty Deadly. The fans voted they would compete in a steel cage.

    Cameron Grimes had a mystery partner to compete keenly against Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo. Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark were set to handle Kiana James and Arianna Grace.

    The show also featured matches between Lash Legend and Fallon Henley along with Javier Bernal and Hank Walker, a security guard making his debut. It had been also unlikely Bron Breakker or Mandy Rose would miss this show.

    Tuesday night had the makings of a particular event as a one-year anniversary show for NXT 2.0.

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    The Creed Brothers kept Pretty Deadly from escaping early and frequently. However, after Damon Kemp handcuffed Julius Creed, Brutus Creed was left to fight alone. He fell to another Spilt Milk from the NXT tag team champions.

    This is minimal technical of the matches these teams experienced, playing heavily on the steel cage stipulation. It made this a distinctive addition to the rivalry that felt fresh, even though the teams fell into some familiar WWE tropes.

    Pretty Deadly always had a need to win here, however the story was told sufficiently to create up for the predictability. Kemp’s involvement left Brutus fighting hard by himself, and he looked great despite taking the pinfall.


    Pretty Deadly def. The Creed Brothers by pinfall to wthhold the NXT Tag Team Championships.



    Notable Moments

  • Kit Wilson and Elton Prince superplexed Julius off the very best before he responded by lifting both men to create Brutus for a Brutus Bomb on both.
  • Brutus kicked out of Spilt Milk, the initial person to take action in NXT.
  • WWE showed a video package that celebrated days gone by year of NXT 2.0.

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    Lash Legend walked in confident, but she got knocked out in barely two minutes when Fallon Henley caught her with a kick to the facial skin.

    In the end that WWE did with both Legend and Henley, this is a shockingly one-sided affair. Henley squashed the former WNBA player easily, suddenly pushing her well up the ranks.

    Following a brief tease backstage, it appears like Henley could challenge Mandy Rose in a short time. However, there’s more to accomplish in setting her up as a significant challenger to the champion.


    Henley def. Legend by pinfall.



    Notable Moments

  • Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen watched this match at ringside with Mason “THE NIGHT TIME Howler” Ramirez, a man profiting from WWE’s Connor’s Cure.
  • Following the match, Jensen got a touch too friendly attempting to compliment Rose, who insulted him until Henley nearly found blows with the women’s champion.
  • Toxic Attraction headed to the ring afterward, and Alba Fyre organized Rose to create clear she wanted another NXT Women’s Championship shot.
  • Cora Jade explained why she turned heel, highlighting her match with Natalya. Wendy Choo tried to react to Jade’s interview but experienced a disagreement with Legend.

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    Quincy Elliott overwhelmed Sean Gallagher from the opening bell and won easily off a Banzai Drop.

    This is more about presentation than execution. Elliott’s bright entrance and presentation may help him stick out in WWE in the long run, but he’ll have to back it up in the ring.

    This is a pure squash, ending in a far-too-typical Banzai Drop finish. It must be interesting to observe how The Super Diva differentiates himself as a performer as time passes. He must embrace his wild character in the manner he performs.


    Elliott def. Gallagher by pinfall.



    Notable Moments

  • Elliott had a more elaborate entrance with bright lights and smoke sold by way of a cheering crowd.
  • After his win, Elliott danced with the referee.

  • Yulisa Leon announced she was injured and will be out for nine months. Von Wagner interrupted and experienced a disagreement with Sanga.

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    After Cameron Grimes got beat down by himself, Joe Gacy walked in to the corner of The Richest Man in NXT.

    Gacy got the blind tag and pinned Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo following a handspring clothesline.

    When Grimes again rejected The Schism following the win, the group beat him down, ending with The Richest Man in NXT going for a handspring clothesline.

    This is a fascinating segment but at the incorrect moment in the feud. Gacy playing the facial skin in this match was more interesting than he’s got been as a heel, nonetheless it was all a facade to create a predictable beatdown.

    If this bout was create weeks ago, it could have already been more impactful, showing what Gacy could do to greatly help Grimes. At this stage, the feud has already been established and must reach the singles match between your two.


    Gacy and Grimes def. D’Angelo and Stacks by pinfall.



    Notable Moments

  • Within an interview beforehand, Grimes explained he wished to fight alone.

  • Gacy hyped up a hot tag as soon as he got on the apron then stole a blind tag, running on the D’Angelo Family with impact offense.

  • Grimes caught Stacks with a standing Spanish Fly and hit a Cave-In on D’Angelo.

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    While Kiana James and Arianna Grace held on for some time, they simply cannot match the athleticism of Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark.

    Stark hit her GTS variant accompanied by Lyons connecting with a roundhouse and split-leg drop for the pinfall on Grace.

    This went much too long with little to take pleasure from. It didn’t help that James and Grace received the heavy focus. Their offense was bland and forgettable. When Stark was in charge, the action started moving, but those moments were brief.

    Lyons barely did anything in this match. If this tag team will probably rise the ranks, potentially to the primary roster, Lyons and Stark need to find some synergy.


    Lyons and Stark def. James and Grace by pinfall.



    Notable Moments

  • James got angry early and threatened to utilize her business bag as a weapon. This gimmick is painfully stuck within an older era.

  • JD McDonagh told Bron Breakker he had not been finished with him while he got an old-school shave. Tyler Bate challenged McDonagh to earn himself another title match.
  • Breakker spoke to Vic Joseph about his past year of success in NXT 2.0.

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    With a confident crowd reaction behind him, Hank Walker fought hard to shut up Javier Bernal. He impressively put his rival away with a running crossbody.

    There wasn’t much to the contest, however the excitement behind the security guard’s try to challenge Big Body Javi designed for a fun i’m all over this the card. He sold their own inexperience in the ring ahead off as a large likable everyman.

    It really is rare WWE accumulates a star as a genuine underdog without the flair. He arrived with entrance music to market his insufficient star power. Following a month of build, this worked well, though it had been barely greater than a squash.


    Walker def. Bernal by pinfall.



    Notable Moments

  • Walker tried to split up a fight between your Dyad and Edris Enof and Malik Blade, but his fellow security guard told him to spotlight his match ahead.

  • Big Body Javi slapped Walker, which set the security guard off. Walker threw Bernal round the ring easily.

  • NXT announced the arrival of Oro Mensah, the former Oliver Carter, in a few days.
  • Grayson Waller was annoyed to discover he had not been in the ultimate four fan votes for the largest star in NXT. Bron Breakker unsurprisingly won the vote ultimately.

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    Carmelo Hayes walked out with Trick Williams, certain he’d not need to wrestle after injuring Wes Lee backstage.

    However, Solo Sikoa arrived to call his shot and planted The A Champion with a uranage and Uso Splash to win.

    This is just a little rushed. Despite Melo and Sikoa being longtime rivals, the most recent person in The Bloodline seemed unstoppable here. Even though Melo had control, he was never poised to win.

    This may have been an improved match, nonetheless it was an excellent moment. Sikoa has been following the NXT UNITED STATES Championship for months. It appeared as if he’d never get his follow going to SmackDown. Instead, he threw everything into chaos.

    Assumedly, the person in The Bloodline will now work both SmackDown and NXT as champion, nonetheless it is hard to state for sure. What counts is he got his due following a great run in NXT 2.0 on its one-year anniversary.


    Sikoa def. Melo by pinfall to end up being the new NXT UNITED STATES Championship.



    Notable Moments

  • Lee was announced because the winner of the fan vote to challenge Hayes. Melo and Trick attacked him in the locker room shortly thereafter.

  • Hayes went following the braced left knee of Sikoa, utilizing a single-leg Boston crab. This left the person in The Bloodline limping through the entire remaining match.

  • Trick got on the apron to attempt to save Melo, but Sikoa still planted The A Champion with a Samoan drop for a near-fall.
  • The show ended with Shawn Michaels putting on the future of NXT while introducing a fresh gold-and-white logo.

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