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Xbox Creator Seamus Blackley Says Jurassic World Began as His Pitch for a GAMING

The Jurassic World film franchise originally began being an early gaming concept, in accordance with game designer and original Xbox creator Seamus Blackley.

The famed developer shared the story on Twitter (below), explaining he was asked in 2012 to produce a pitch with the story, gameplay, and a trailer for a fresh game to coincide with a relaunch of the Jurassic Park franchise from Steven Spielberg.

Blackley had previously made a Jurassic Park game called Trespasser – an infamously bad iteration released in 1998 – but had since begun doing work for a casino game finance company, that Steven Spielberg was litigant.

In 2012 or, I left my job at CAA to utilize Steven S on a casino game, a fresh Jurassic Park story, to create good the skid mark we left with Trespasser. I wrote a tale and design, and made a trailer. The management at Universal changed, and the project became a film. Wish to know more?

Seamus Blackley (@SeamusBlackley) July 23, 2022

“I’d see him in meetings, and sometimes do stuff with him on games or movie stuff,” Blackley said. “Steven would always say ‘I dont as if you in this job. Why are you currently achieving this job’.

“1 day I get yourself a call from some guys at Universal. ‘Steven was thinking about restarting the Jurassic Park franchise, and we thought it will relaunch with a fresh Trespasser.’

Blackley continued: “I wrote a tale about dinosaurs on Isla Sorna and the study sites escaping, and about how exactly humans had to come quickly to terms with the initial owners of the earth. My thesis was that audiences wished to know the dinosaurs a lot more than to kill them.”

Jurassic World Dominion Gallery

The overall game was called Jurassic World (the pitch trailer that leaked in 2013, confusing many, Blackley noted) and was about fighting the humans who wished to kill the dinosaurs. Management changes at Universal meant the overall game was cancelled, however, with every storyboard, idea, artwork, and so forth instead likely to the movie.

The Jurassic World film premiered in 2015, sparking a fresh Chris Pratt-led trilogy that found a detailed just last month with the release of Jurassic World Dominion.

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