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Xeno Holdings Enters Right into a Strategic Partnership With LeewayHertz, a Next-Generation Digital Applications and Solutions Developer

NEWS RELEASE Aug 6, 2022 21: 15 KST

SINGAPORE, August 6, 2022 ( – A high-tech investment company Xeno Holdings ( announced today its partnership with LeewayHertz, a respected software development company that’s actively creating customized on-demand solutions for top level fortune 500 companies.

Xeno Holdings, a Hong Kong-based investment company focusing on technology, holds a respected position being an investor and incubator for multiple businesses including Web3 DAO tools, artificial intelligence services, and global SaaS platforms. Because the joint operator for proprietary services like (, a one-stop NFT marketplace, and Xeno Labs, a crypto venture accelerating arm, Xeno Holdings has been building its presence in the tech and art industry and is getting ready to expand the scope of business in to the Web3 sports and entertainment space including metaverse-based game narratives.

Blockchain ticketing solution

Xeno Holdings will co-develop a blockchain ticketing solution with LeewayHertz. Blockchain ticketing is really a unique concept which allows users to get tickets to both offline and metaverse events by means of an NFT.Through this service, the creators or an individual who hosts the events receive the option to market NFT-based admission tickets by means of either direct sale or auction. Because the ticket is minted being an NFT, an individual that purchases the ticket can permanently keep it, wear it display, or elect to sell it either before or following the date of the function as needed in the secondary market or just transfer it to other users with a Web3 wallet. Xeno Holdings aims to deploy this exclusive service being an effort to create transparency to the ticketing industry while increasing operational efficiency for event managers both in sports and entertainment.

Polkadot parachain auction

Alongside Bridgeport Xeno Holdings and LeewayHertz committed to Tashi, a Polkadot-based Web3 gaming platform centered on creating a transparent and participatory game development ecosystem that, among other features, incentivizes decentralized contribution. The initial project milestone was achieved recently, with Tashi becoming the winning bidder at the auction for the 21st Polkadot Parachain. Because of this auction, Tashi raised 1 million USD through Xeno Holding’s strategic investment, leading to the lock-up of 76,000 DOTs because the final bid. Xeno Holdings plans to keep its efforts in expanding its ecosystem in to the gaming industry and lowering the threshold for businesses entering the area, while also adding just one more blockchain network within their multi-chain endeavor, effectively acquiring a fresh user-base and activating further user engagement.

Alan Miller, President of Xeno Holdings, commented, “I’m delighted to announce today’s partnership with LeewayHertz and the recent milestone we’ve achieved collaboratively with Tashi, and appearance forward to the countless synergistic development efforts which will result in further value creation for the portfolio companies and for the entertainment industry aswell.”

About Xeno

Xeno Holdings is really a privately held, Hong Kong-based, investment company that manages through investment in private equities, capital raising opportunities and property, with the purpose of effectively growing wealth and creating new value.

About LeewayHertz

Headquartered in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, LeewayHertz is really a leading software development company, designing and delivering tailor-made digital answers to enterprises and startups worldwide. We of 250+ full-stack developers, designers and innovators have designed 100+ digital solutions. We use emerging technologies like Web 3.0, blockchain, and cloud, helping companies to launch next-generation applications and solutions which are more open, efficient and secure.

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Source: Xeno Holdings Limited

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