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Y00ts Delay Their NFT Mint Date

The long-awaited mint for y00ts t00b NFTs, initially scheduled for September 4th, was delayed. Accordingly, the team ran right into a blocker bug 5 minutes prior to starting the minting session. The project founders promised to create minting live 24 hours following the initial date.

As the team is wanting to solve all the issues, DeGods founder Frank is wanting to apologize but what’s the NFT communitys reaction?

y00ts NFT of Yeti-like avatar in sunglasses and green jacket
y00ts have surprisingly delayed their mint only 5 minutes before launch because of internal errors.

Why did y00ts delay their NFT mint?

The y00ts NFT mint is without a doubt probably the most awaited drops of the season. Collectors have already been deciding on their scholarship whitelist program for months, hoping to get an area. Only accepted individuals got the opportunity to mint t00bs the NFTs required to be able to mint y00ts.

Basically, everybody was looking forward to the minting day on September 4th at 2 pm PST.

Because the minting day arrived, though, so have problems for the y00ts founding team at DeGods. In the first place, the team had to postpone minting by 24 hours because of what they called a blocker bug.

Because of the nature of the bug, we usually do not feel safe bringing the mint live at this time, they tweeted. The mint is going to be around 24 hours from now.

Basically, y00ts canceled their long-awaited NFT mint only 5 minutes before it shouldve gone live.

image of a y00ts NFT of a Yeti-like pink character blowing bubble gum
Project founder Frank DeGods reassured his community that the mint will undoubtedly be memorable.

What did DeGods founder Frank say concerning the delay?

On September 5th, the y00ts founder referred to as Frank DeGods raised the function in a Twitter thread:

Im disappointed in myself and we, but Im not worried, he wrote. Tangibly none of our plans changed today only a serious wake-up ask how severely we have to fix this delaying issue.

Furthermore, Frank promised all collectors that the y00ts NFT mint is a remarkable experience. He also mentioned that the team includes a few exciting announcements to reveal soon.

Up to now, the project received mixed reactions from its NFT community. Some collectors kept their hopes high, while some seemed less-than-happy concerning the postponed mint.

In any event, all eyes are on y00ts because the accepted scholarship applicants are eagerly waiting to start out minting their t00b NFTs.

image of the official y00ts NFT logo
y00ts is without a doubt probably the most successful project built on the Solana blockchain.

What’s y00ts?

In a nutshell, y00ts is really a assortment of 15,000 avatar-style NFTs living on the Solana blockchain. The project originates from the creators of DeGods, probably the most successful Solana NFT collectibles up to now.

The hype around y00ts increased a lot more after revealing their minting strategy. Basically, each collector accepted to the y00tlist is permitted mint a t00b NFT. Then, buyers can burn t00bs to mint y00ts NFTs any moment they wish.

It is possible to find out about the y00ts NFT collection and its own smart mechanics inside our in-depth article.

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