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y00ts NFT: ARE YOU CURRENTLY On The y00tlist?

A fresh NFT project, y00ts is garnering lots of attention in the NFT space. Apparently, even Gary Vee has applied (and contains been accepted) for the y00tlist scholarship, a distinctive whitelist management system from the project. Developed by the makers of hit Solana NFT, DeGods, y00ts aims to function as greatest PFP assortment of all time. Additionally it is going for a unique method of NFT intellectual property rights.

So, lets dive right in: What’s the y00ts NFT collection about?

y00ts NFT of Yeti-like avatar in sunglasses and green jacket
The project originates from the creators of the favorite Solana NFT, DeGods.

What’s y00ts NFT?

Reportedly, y00ts is really a assortment of 15,000 NFTs featuring yeti-like avatars on the Solana blockchain. As the project has only released a small number of art samples, it has mostly received positive responses from NFT Twitter.

Among the highlights of the project may be the y00tlist (aka y00ts scholarship), the projects unique whitelist management system. Based on the project, it is a simple & secure method for people to access probably the most exciting mints predicated on merit.

To use for the y00ts scholarship, users need to connect their Solana wallet utilizing the apply button on the projects website. Then, they need to connect their Twitter profile to verify their identity. Finally, they need to answer a few pre-determined questions about themselves. Once accepted, all applicants will undoubtedly be transparent and public.

To be certain, this new method may be the solution in order to avoid spamming by bots. This may also prevent NFT whales from pumping and dumping NFTs.

Who created y00ts NFT?

The y00ts NFT collection was made by the DeGods team, headed by founder Frank DeGod. DeGods is among the hottest Solana NFT collections on the market, with a complete sales level of over 900,000 SOL (during writing). With a complete of 10,000 NFTs, the project describes itself as a deflationary assortment of degenerates, punks, and misfits.

While originally called Duppies, the team rebranded the project to y00ts in late July. The backing by way of a well-experienced team is most likely one of many known reasons for the hype round the y00ts collection. Already, it boasts near 55,000 Twitter followers.

y00ts scholarship application page
It is possible to join the scholarship on the site.

What’s ?

is y00ts version of registering a copyright and ownership having an NFT collection because the governing body. Currently in Web3, holders either get IP rights on the individual NFT or perhaps a Creative Commons license (CC0), wherein the rights come in the general public domain. That’s where differs.

Because the project explained, Each collection could have its registry, where its an easy task to track whos approved to be utilizing the NFTs IP. This enables projects to approve & reject usage requests at Web3 speed.

Furthermore, the project has create the y00ts st0re, a marketplace for custom-made y00ts traits. Here, any artist can submit their very own version of the traits. Those that own the for a trait can set the traits price in the store, determine its supply, and sell the to another person. Additionally, they are able to collect 5% of the royalties on every sale of the trait.

Overall, y00ts NFT can be an exciting new project to consider this season. However, it really is yet to announce the mint dates.

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