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YASH ASHA CHANDRASHEKHAR MANE welfare worker for poverty-stricken and impoverished families

Nala Sopara, Maharashtra, 11th September 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Yash Chandrashekhar Mane is really a 23-year-old boy who has aimed to cherish helpless people and present their life grounds to smile. He works as a agent in property agency, and help the needy ones by using his job selflessly, he says he feels happy and blessed to greatly help and start to see the smiles on the faces of poor children , by using their own NGO named as YUVA PRERNA PRATHISHTHAN, where he never demand for the money or any capital rather he tells the donors to find the stuff to be distributed Yash Mane was in the seventh standard when he started helping people he never considered anyone who demotivate him but he overcome all of the bad comments and came in advance for the needy people While he opened their own NGO for poor and homeless people

where he took homeless and poor children to a helicopter ride where those children asked him should they could ever fly in the sky they said dada this is a dream to start to see the world from sky and Yash Mane smiled and said your dream is my dream and he completed it by firmly taking those children on a helicopter ride from that event YASH MANE got his nickname HelicopterDada from that incident of a helicopter ride he took many children on a ride from last five years.

1 day Yash Mane and his friend were out for brunch if they saw some homeless children who have been begging And something of these was handicapped Initially the indegent childrens weren’t permitted to get entry in to the Taj lands hotel and Yash Mane fought for them For a lot more than 30 minutes where in fact the security guards asked various questions that have been senseless where those children were entering Taj lands however the food bill was to be paid Nothing would happen free of charge but nonetheless the Taj lands hotel security guard asked why were the kids poorly dressed. But following a fight for a lot more than 1 hour, They had a talk to and the manager of the hotel where in fact the manager accepted these were allowed in to the hotel to possess their brunch where in fact the Taj lands hotel staff then gave them a free of charge meal making use of their branch Taj lands hotel staff were very polite and understanding where in fact the behaviour of the security of Taj lands hotel was very inappropriate. after he then had many lunches Organised for the indegent by their own in the Taj lands hotel where there is no inappropriate behaviour and we got super easy entry to possess our brunch.

His NGO YUVA PRERNA PRATHISTHAN then Distributes sanitary pads on regular basis to nullify the usage of clothes where he also provides information that using cloth may also cause way too many other diseases as he could be distributing sanitary pads with an excellent motive since that time people also got knew him with a fresh name And that has been padman.

He also does dog feeding on regular basis in which a person cannot think about another person to greatly help Yash Mane what to help the animals who cannot speak for themselves

he’s got also helped many transgender and their blessings are above him n also people abandoned by their children and what to grow their own old-age home for several such people during lock down

he helps lots of people with food not merely just food but having an excellent quality food he and his team made food independently and distributed to every homeless and poor or needy people. his team in addition has organised various health camps or perhaps a free checkup drive where everyone is checked free of charge of cost where he also thinks and tries to help keep every single person and healthy.

Today in this Era you can find few individuals who think about another person before themselves but Yash Mane in todays generation may be the person who thinks for everybody else before thinking about their own. for future years he’s got many good plans to opt for one of these is to provide a free ambulance service to the needy individuals who cannot afford ambulances hes likely to start three ambulance services that one ambulance will be an ICU ambulance and two will undoubtedly be normal ambulances hes also likely to take up a death van service where in fact the people may use that one going back riots all of the services will undoubtedly be charged less merely to think and work with individuals who need the services.

Another considered Yash Mane would be to start employment services for homeless people where he’ll give some material to market and can ask him or them to make a benefit from it and purchase new stuff for a later date because of which people won’t sleep hungry or they have at the very least two meals each day Yash Mane is thinking about survival for the those who are dying to possess one-time meal per day. He could be also thinking to cultivate education sector where he really wants to build his school where he’d allow poor and homeless children learn and also have an education cost free. In todays world, the guy Yash Mane thinks of individuals who have been fighting because of their own lives with a smile on his face and giving a portion of the happiness of his life to obtain a smile on the faces.

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