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YML Launches First-Of-Its-Kind NFT Project TO REVIVE California Forests

YML, a Silicon Valley-based digital agency, today announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind NFT project to revive California forests. Called FIREWATCH, the project aims to avoid wildfires and promote reforestation in California. Whats more, all proceeds will head to One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization focused on global reforestation. The organisation use the funds to aid wildfire prevention and conservation.

Heres all you have to to know concerning the sustainable NFT project from YML:

FIREWATCH NFTs from YML showing California forests
Help restore California forests with FIREWATCH NFTs.

FIREWATCH: What’s the YML NFT project?

FIREWATCH is really a sustainable NFT project from the YML digital agency. Essentially, the project allows users to get a carbon-neutral pop art NFT cross-section footprint of the California landscape. To describe, each NFT represents a bit of the California landscape. Basically, collectors are certain to get to possess the digital art for an area of California.

In line with the region, the NFTs can be found in four tiers, with the costs varying from $100 to $100,000. YML use all of the funds from the sales to rebuild and protect the California forests from fires. This can happen through One Tree Planted, that will get all of the primary sales proceeds and also 25% of secondary sales.

Most of us have a job to play in protecting the surroundings and combating climate change, and we admire YMLs dedication to as an innovative force once and for all, said Matt Hill, Founder & Chief Environmental Evangelist at One Tree Planted. With YMLs support, were restoring areas across California which have been degraded by wildfires, in addition to protecting Californias forests from future fires with innovative forest fire prevention projects.

This project comes at the same time when California has recorded the best amount of wildfires in 2020 and 2021. The wildfires have led to over 4 million acres being burned in hawaii. Furthermore, climate scientists are predicting a 50% upsurge in wildfires by 2050. Under these situations, YML is hoping to improve over $1 million in funds to assist fire prevention and restoration projects over the state.

California forest NFT from YML
You’ll get to possess a cross-section footprint of the California landscape.

Why YML is utilizing the Solana blockchain

Because of its FIREWATCH NFT project, YML is utilizing the eco-friendly Solana blockchain. Typically, NFT transactions consume 340 kilowatt hours of energy, that is equal to over one-third of the power an American home consumes in per month. Compared, Solana NFT transactions use up only less energy than three Google searches.

Its exciting to see FIREWATCH utilize NFTs on Solana to mobilize community and action around climate change, said Amira Valliani, policy lead at the Solana Foundation. NFTs have become an extremely popular method for communities ahead together around shared causes. Solanas advantages being an eco-friendly, low priced chain ensure it is a fantastic home for projects like these.

The FIREWATCH NFTs are actually live at Users can buy NFTs in four tiers, at prices $100, $500, $3,000, and $100,000.

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Reethu Ravi is really a journalist located in India, covering environment, sustainability, tech and innovation. You should definitely found between your pages of a book, she is seen catching through to the most recent developments in the tech world. A naval architect-turned journalist, she loves bringing stories of change and innovation to the limelight.

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