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YOU CAN NOW Use Licensed Music on Facebook Videos but still Monetize Them

Meta has introduced Music Revenue Sharing on Facebook. The new monetization feature helps it be easier for creators to monetize the videos that use licensed music from popular artists.

Hailed by Meta as an initial of its kind feature within the music industry, Music Revenue Sharing allows creators to create a completely new revenue model.


Facebook is definitely a robust tool for smaller businesses. Creating and posting videos on the social media marketing giant supplies a wealth of benefits for smaller businesses, including brand exposure, conveying messages, and gaining traction at an inexpensive.

Now creators can earn yet another income from video content that uses licensed music from popular and emerging artists, like Tove Lo, Post Malone, Leah Kate, Bicep and much more.

In a blog concerning the launch of the brand new monetization feature, Meta wrote:

Its the initial of its kind as of this scale, benefiting creators, our partners, music holders and fans.

Rights Manager

The brand new feature is powered by Rights Manager. Rights Manager helps creators protect their copyrighted content across Facebook and Instagram and increase their earning potential. It offers insights into how content has been used. Music Revenue Sharing can be permitted through Metas partnerships over the music industry


Creators should be qualified to receive in-stream ads within their content and meet Metas monetization eligibility standards. Videos should be at the very least 60 seconds long and show a visual component in addition to an audio one. The licensed music can’t be its principal purpose. Featured songs should be covered in the Licensed Music Library, which includes all eligible songs for Music Revenue Sharing.

Creators will receive 20% in revenue share on eligible videos. A share will go directly to the music rights holders and a share to Meta.

Music Revenue Sharing began rolling from July 25. Creators all over the world can make use of the feature.

Initially, eligible videos will monetize with in-stream ads delivered in america. However, Meta will expand this worldwide where music can be acquired on Facebook in the coming months.

With an increase of than 2.91 billion active users, Facebook is really a powerful tool for smaller businesses. The social media marketing giants Business Page helps businesses connect to customers and grow their reach.

The Music Revenue Sharing feature takes the chance Facebook offers for smaller businesses one step further, enabling them to earn revenue from their video content while engaging with followers.

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