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Young Americans are defending the U.S. after TikToks criticizing the united states went viral

Some young American TikTok users are arriving at the countrys defense after seeing viral videos created by overseas users that elevate stereotypes about individuals who live in america.

The trend ramped up this week after one user, who goes on Sara Falcon, made a number of viral videos where she criticized the U.S. and suggested that there surely is too little diversity in the united kingdom. It’s unclear where Sara Falcon, who has made her account private, is from or where she actually is based. Users speculate she actually is British. Her other accounts on social media marketing may also be private. Her YouTube and Twitter accounts appear inactive. She was struggling to be reached for comment.

However, clips from Sara Falcon’s original videos continue steadily to circulate TikTok in stitched videos from other users. Sara Falcon’s name has since turn into a hashtag on the platform, accumulating a lot more than 1.8 million views by Wednesday.

Despite having an inferior population, the U.K. continues to be more diverse compared to the U.S., Sara Falcon says in a single video, which includes since been removed or made private. In another video, which includes been removed or made private, she says, in the U.S., if youre fluent in seven languages, you obtain placed on an FBI watch list.

Sara Falcon’s commentary has turned into a flashpoint for a few American users on TikTok, who said they typically wouldnt defend america but felt that they had to improve the misinformation in her videos.

A 2021 Pew Study discovered that teenagers in the U.S. held a lot more skeptical views of Americas global standing than older adults. The analysis discovered that 42% of individuals polled between ages 18 to 29 felt there are other countries which are much better than the U.S.

Still, after seeing her video I was like, Nah. I have to say something with regard to myself and when not other people, said Rhea Shetty, who made a video in reaction to Sara Falcon.

Shetty posted a video giving an answer to a TikTok video where Sara Falcon said people within the U.S. [believe that] the U.S. may be the only country.”

Surprisingly enough, most Americans dont believe this, but I’m convinced were the only real country that’s in your thoughts 24/7, rent-free such as this, Shetty says in her video response.

Other TikTok users said they feel Falcons videos whitewashed america.

I sort of got the impression probably the most exposure she surely got to America was like Friends or Seinfeld, said Jumana Shami, 27. I could understand why you’ll think America looks in this manner, but its very divorced from reality.

Prior to going private on social media marketing, Sara Falcon claimed her videos were section of a social experiment.

Its not about misinformation, she said another video which has since been removed or been made private on the platform. Its actually about patriotic brainwashing within the U.S. education system.

Sara Falcon may be the latest creator to go viral for sharing her views on the U.S. But she isnt the only real non-American creator to create content that American Gen Zers and millennials have felt compelled to answer.

In recent weeks, videos giving an answer to criticism from British and European users have pervaded FOR YOU PERSONALLY pages. The hashtag #BritishSlander has a lot more than 10 million views.

Im the final person to sit here and love and dote on the U.S. Our country all together has a large amount of issues,” Shetty, 23, said. “But I believe its really hypocritical to see a lot of people have discourse round the U.S. when those same issues tend to be reflected far away.”

Shami, who was raised in a multi-language household with a Syrian father and Irish-Catholic mother, said she often feels shes called other because shes an American who wears hijab. She said Sara Falcons videos struck a nerve with her since they played in to the proven fact that the U.S. looks, acts and speaks exclusively a proven way.

My grandparents raised cows and corn, Shami said. I dont understand how a lot more American you can find.

TikTok user Ivey Family Farms shared one upside to Sara Falcons videos.

Sara, girlfriend,” Ivey Family Farms says in a video uploaded on Tuesday. “Youve just united america of America. I’m serious … here you’re uniting us with several ignorant TikToks.

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