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Young Sheldon Season 5 IS CURRENTLY Streaming

The sixth season of Young Sheldon is arriving on CBS this fall, continuing the network’s most successful comedy series. For people who have been waiting to binge Season 5 before Season 6, just a few episodes have already been open to stream on Paramount+, leaving the growing season largely incomplete. Fortunately, on Wednesday morning, that changed. The entire fifth season of Young Sheldon is currently streaming in its entirety, however, not on Paramount+.

It had been announced after some duration ago, before CBS All Access became Paramount+, that HBO Max will be the streaming home for Young Sheldon, joining predecessor The Big Bang Theory on the streaming service. Since that time, full seasons of the series have already been put into HBO Max before year debuts. Thursday morning brought the fifth season to HBO Max lineup, with Season 6 set to premiere on CBS later this month.

Season 5 of Young Sheldon included the show’s 100th episode, a significant milestone for a spinoff title. While there have been some big story reveals, there wasn’t a significant to-do about any of it being episode 100.

“We didn’t desire to force some type of quote unquote special episode since it been the quantity 100,” co-creator Steven Molaro toldDeadline. “We actually just wanted to produce an episode that people were excited to create rather than be constrained by the truth that we were celebrating lots that I believe most viewers might not even value.”

The episode did visit a few major moments and reveals, like the news that Sheldon’s older brother, Georgie, may be expecting along with his new girlfriend. Additionally, there is a significant conversation between Sheldon and Missy that drops some big hints about Sheldon’s sexuality, that was never fully addressed onThe Big Bang Theory.


“I believe Missy (Raegan Revord) has spent a while attempting to understand who her brother is and what his sexuality may be … which, once we know, through The Big Bang Theory, is still a significant question mark for a long period,” Molaro explained.

Are you currently excited to binge Young Sheldon Season 5 given that it’s streaming in its entirety? Tell us in the comments!

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