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Your Sagittarius Tarot Horoscope for the Month Ahead

For a few of you, this can be a move. For others it’ll simply mean branching out and getting a new hobby, workout class, or community group to immerse yourself in. Let yourself come out of one’s shell and right into a completely new world filled up with many warm welcomes. You deserve a soft and loving lifestyle, Sag.

July 2022

Three of Cups: My centaurs, the month of July will bring you as well as members of one’s soul tribe, and you’ll end the month feeling supported and loved like nothing you’ve seen prior. There’s something to be said about waiting patiently for the proper what to come, and that you did! Dont quit before the universe swoops directly into bless you. There exists a powerful tool, The Wild Unknown Alchemy Deck, if you like something tangible to help keep you consistent with your dreams. Whatever needs doing to help keep you in motion, just ensure that the various tools and resources you utilize are aligned together with your beliefs and values.

Others will undoubtedly be celebrating you this month. For a few this is because of promotion or job change; for others it’ll be linked to movement in your house. You will be changing your relationship status, moving, or heading back to school. Whatever it really is, it may look harder now than it probably will become. Use your support system during this time period. You have cultivated a lot of people that you experienced who value you for moments such as this.

June 2022

THE PLANET: Sagittarius, this month will bring an opening so that you can move somewhere, either internally or externally, on a grander scale. If youve been fighting stagnation, no more will this function as case in June. If your internal blockages have kept you from exploring deep love with yourself or the planet around you, you’ll have a cracking spacious moment with someone in your area that makes you are feeling safe to remain open-hearted.

Dont let your past bog you down with worry and fear. You’re a lot more capable than you give yourself credit for, and any risks that you need to take to reach where youre attempting to go seem much scarier than they are actually. I promise you that. Take one step (big or small) in direction of the life span that youre attempting to live, and you’ll be greeted with open arms. There is absolutely no grudge big enough to withstand forgiveness and effort. Make amends together with your past, or individuals in it, to access the near future vision you possess so clearly in your thoughts. The time is currently.

May 2022

Knight of Pentacles: Patience, dear Sagittarius. You appear to continually be rushing toward possible that could never exist. But what would happen in the event that you stopped, slowed up, took a breath, took a rest? You might enjoy everything you find! Let yourself spending some time in-may leisurely finding the right path back again to your centered space. You’ll benefit greatly from putting your pride aside and doing the uncomfortable items that your soul has been calling out for. When was the final time you stepped onto a yoga mat? Think about a 10-minute meditation? Or perhaps a long hike without your phone on? You’re numbing yourself out an excessive amount of with work and/or screen time, and its own beginning to show. Rather than fearing whats on the other hand of slowing, give it a try and present yourself both patience and grace in the chapter of readjusting to the new pace.

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