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YouTube Adds New Substitute for Answer Video Comments with Shorts

YouTubes added a fresh method for creators to activate making use of their community via Shorts, with a fresh substitute for develop a Shorts clip predicated on a comment posted on your own videos.

YouTube reply with video

As you can plainly see in this example, the brand new option provides a quick connect to develop a Short from the posted comment, that may then transfer that comment to a sticker within the Shorts camera.

That is exactly like TikToks video reply option, which Instagram (needless to say) also copied in December this past year.

TikTok/IG reply with video

According to YouTube:

Creators: we heard you want in order to feature comments posted on your own channel in your Shorts content, and today it is possible to. This launch may be the to begin many for the comment experience on Shorts.

So YouTubes seeking to lean in to the engagement components of TikTok, with an increase of interactive features in Shorts – and definitely, that is a core section of TikToks massive success, inviting viewers in to the experience, instead of simply consuming content.

With all this, it seems sensible for YouTube to include the same, that could be another consideration in your Shorts strategy. When you have one which, considering that Shorts is currently generating 30 billion views each day, among 1.5 billion monthly logged-in users, perchance you should.

The brand new option is rolling from today, and you will be open to all Shorts creators on iOS in the coming weeks, having an Android launch to check out.

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