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YouTube removes video of Tesla superfan testing autopilot safety on a kid

YouTube has pulled a minumum of one Tesla diehards video showing them wanting to prove the safety of these electric vehicles Full Self-Driving autopilot system by driving towards a genuine child, although other similar clips still seem to be open to watch on the site. The now-removed clip originated from Omar Qazi, a Tesla advocate and stockholder, along with founder of the Whole Mars Catalog blog spanning multiple social media marketing channels.

YouTubes decision may be the latest submit an already surreal and disconcerting escalation of events reportedly stemming from the video posted earlier this month by The Dawn Project founder and U.S. Senate candidate, Dan ODowd. In ODowds upload, he calls the autopilot include a demonstrable danger to human life, and illustrates his concerns via multiple clips of Teslas hitting child-sized pedestrian mannequins. Musk fans were subsequently so unhappy with the viral critiques they quickly mounted a debunking campaign, revealing how confident they’re in the feature through the use of their very own children as potential victims.

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Motherboard gave a rundown the other day of Qazis video although it was still online, which reportedly first showed three tests with child mannequins, accompanied by one having an adult man standing in the pub, and lastly one having an actual child. I trust the machine enough that I’d trust my kids lives using them, so Im very confident that its likely to detect my kids and Im also in charge of the wheel therefore i can brake whenever, the childs father, Tad, says. In the video, the Tesla seems to create a full stop close to the child without injuring them.

YouTube doesnt allow content showing a taking part in dangerous activities or encouraging minors to accomplish dangerous activities, the business said in a statement, with a spokesperson later adding, Specifically, we dont allow content showing or encouraging minors in harmful situations that could result in injury, including dangerous stunts, dares, or pranks.

Despite Tesla fans vows of fealty, the companys autopilot feature has received mounting scrutiny as much accidents, some deadly, continue steadily to occur as the system is purportedly engaged. Currently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating multiple of the crashes to be able to determine set up autopilot system ought to be banned from roadways entirely.

By writing, a minumum of one similar YouTube video continues to be online thanks to another Tesla owner, where the driver tests the autopilot feature on another child standing in the street.

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