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YouTube Says An Increasing Amount of Viewers are Watching Videos at Faster Playback Speeds

Do you watch YouTube videos at faster than normal speed?

As it happens, many people do, with YouTube reporting that users save typically over 900 years of video time each day because theyre watching videos at faster speeds.

As explained by YouTube:

YouTube currently supports watching at 0.25x, 0.5x, 0.75x, Normal (the default), 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x, and 2x. Obviously, a lot of people watch on the default speed, but we discovered that when people utilize this feature, almost all enough time they elect to watch a bit faster – actually, this feature was used to increase content a lot more than 85% of that time period.

YouTube says that 1.5x speed may be the mostly used alternative, accompanied by 2x as a detailed second and 1.25x at third.

And for the perfectionists who like custom speeds, 1.1x was probably the most used speed. Slightly faster, however, not an excessive amount of.

YouTube also notes that playback speeds get faster, generally, during the day.

Each morning, starting at 6am, playback speeds werent used normally, but users began to dabble with faster speeds as their day progressed. There is hook dip in usage around dinnertime, between 7pm and 8pm, before picking right up again later at night. Looking at using 1.5x speed, users watching videos on 1.5x started spiking between 9pm and 1am within their respective time zones.

Which makes sense. Inside our always-on, always-connected environment, folks are constantly consuming media content, with rarely a gap with time where theres not some type of media feeding into your ears, eyes or both.

The constant flood of material has recently resulted in an evolution in the manner that people consume such, with people getting ultimately more used to having the ability to skip ahead, while video content can be getting shorter and short, in alignment with audience attention spans.

In this context, faster playback options also easily fit into, with people attempting to watch and respond to a growing number of things constantly, and accelerating that process can facilitate a lot more cramming, and align with evolving trends.

It may look just a little strange to take into account that a lot of people are watching video playback with chipmunk-esque voices, but basically, nobody has time and energy to wait anymore because generally they dont need to. Which is a significant consideration for brands.

After all, you cant create quite happy with playback speed variability at heart, therefore, but there may be some creative methods to wreck havoc on playback speeds to raised lean into this behavioral shift.

Maybe increase sections is likely to presentation, or decelerate elements to catch listener/viewer attention. You might consider creative formats that lean into variable speeds, like stop motion, that could change in-line with different speed selections.

Theres not just a heap that you can do, directly, that may better align with this particular, but it will probably be worth considering how short peoples attention spans now are, and how theyll turn to skip ahead and skim and undertake content that doesnt grab them right away.

Quite simply, you should be more aware than ever before of the dangers of boring content. Whats interesting for you might not be as engaging to your audience, also it will probably be worth running your articles through together with your kids or other youngsters to see if/when they get uninterested in your presentation.

A few of that, needless to say, will be linked to the topic, however the better you can find at assessing where in fact the lulls come in your campaigns, the more it is possible to lean into these behavioral shifts.

Its a fascinating point of note in any event. It is possible to read YouTubes full playback speed overview here.

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