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YouTube Will Now Automatically Add Watermarks to Downloaded Shorts Clips

That is interesting. YouTube is taking steps to avoid users from re-posting YouTube Shorts clips to other apps, via the addition of new watermarks on Shorts clips.

As explained by YouTube:

If youre a creator who downloads your Shorts from YouTube Studio to talk about across other platforms, youll now look for a watermark put into your downloaded content.Weve added a watermark to the Shorts you download which means that your viewers can easily see that this content you’re sharing across platforms are available on YouTube Shorts.

That could be good, I assume, with regards to cross-promotion. But with other apps also penalizing clips offering visible watermarks, the real intention seems to be limiting short video sharing across apps, to make it just a little harder for creators to simply re-post their Shorts to Reels or TikTok aswell, as a way to create their presence in each app.

Its worth noting both TikTok and Reels likewise incorporate watermarks on downloaded clips, in order to restrict exactly the same,so its unsurprising to see YouTube have a similar approach. But nonetheless, its another consideration sufficient reason for the existing process rendering it very easy to just re-post your short clips across each app, sort of low-effort baiting procedure, to see everything you can get because of this, its another strategic consideration for creators.

YouTube says that it’ll begin adding watermarks to Shorts downloaded on desktop from today, having an expansion to mobile just around the corner.

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